We’re pleased to present the first in a series of surveys that will allow PAGNY physicians the opportunity to provide feedback on healthcare issues directly impacting the delivery of patient care. This survey is anonymous and short – only four questions– and should take no more than two minutes to complete. With your input and your response, due Friday, September 18th, we can continue to advocate for our members and our patients.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and comments.



Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Re-Dedication of the New Ida G. Israel Community Health Center

HHC Coney Island Hospital held a re-dedication ceremony to celebrate the reopening of the Ida G. Israel Community Health Center. Named after the late community leader, activist and long-time resident of Coney Island, Ms. Israel...

Read more about the ribbon-cutting ceremony



Three Distinguished PAGNY Coney Island Hospital Administrative Doctors Hold Mastership Awards

The American College of Physicians (ACP) is a national organization of internists who apply their scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment and care of adults. According to ACP, Masters are selected... Read more...


Dr. John R. Maese
Chief Medical Director

PAGNY Dr. John R. Maese is the Chief Medical Officer at Coney Island Hospital and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He received his medical degree from SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine and completed his... Read more...

Dr. Terence M. Brady
Director of Medical Education and Associate Chief Medical Officer

PAGNY Dr. Terence M. Brady is the Director of Medical Education and Associate Chief Medical Officer at Coney Island Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Critical Care. He received his medical degree... Read more...

Dr. Paul A. Gitman
Physician Consultant

PAGNY Dr. Paul A. Gitman serves as a physician consultant at Coney Island Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine. He received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine internship and his first year residency... Read more...



Dr. Carmen J. Sultana
Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

PAGNY Dr. Carmen J. Sultana has been appointed the Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lincoln Medical Center. Dr. Sultana received her BA degree in Behavioral Biology/Natural Sciences from... Read more...



PAGNY Human Resources Physician Recruitment

HR Physician Recruitment event to be held on Thursday, September 24th at the New York Academy of Medicine


Message from Jane D. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
PAGNY Chief Communications Officer

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

Almost 1 out of every 5 children in the United States has obesity. Certain groups of children are affected more than others. This month gives us an opportunity to learn how to prevent and deal with this health concern.

Children who are obese are more likely to be obese as adults. This can lead to physical and mental health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure and an increased risk of cancer. In addition, obese children tend to be bullied by others.

To prevent obesity and support healthy growth of our children, parents need to ensure that their children have the right amount of sleep, participate in regular physical activity, and eat the right amount of calories. They need to regulate television viewing and other sedentary activities. A healthy diet containing higher nutritional value and lower caloric foods should substitute for high calorie snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages. Nutritious foods are readily available at the local farmer’s market.

As always, if you have any news that you’d like to share with your colleagues, please let us know. We’ll include it in a future edition of The PAGNY Advance.

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