4th Annual Retreat for PAGNY Board of Directors Focuses on the Transformation of Healthcare


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PAGNY Board members at the 2016 Annual Retreat (left to right): Dr. Luis Marcos, PAGNY CEO; Dr. Robert Faillace; Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg; Dr. Bijan Safai, Board President; Dr. Deepak Naran; Dr. Peter K. Kim; Dr. William B. Caspe, Board Vice President; Dr. Sari J. Kaminsky; Dr. John Clark; Dr. Pardha Valluru; Dr. Stephen D. Apfelroth; Dr. Akinola Fisher, Board Treasurer; Dr. Peter Moh; Dr. Riyad J. Basir; Dr. Stephen M. Blumberg; and Dr. Victor Badner. (Not pictured: Dr. Rajesh Verma, Board Secretary; Dr. Leaque Ahmed, and Dr. Roger Chirurgi)

This year's Annual Retreat for the PAGNY Board of Directors focused on the transformation of healthcare—both in New York City and across the country. The retreat, held at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Manhattan on Wednesday, Nov. 16th, featured speakers who addressed City healthcare policies, technological advances in medicine and changes in how hospitals and doctors are paid. Some of the speakers alluded to the possible impact on healthcare by the new federal administration...



Dr. Herminia Palacio, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, Asks for PAGNY's Help to Change NYC Healthcare System

Dr. Herminia Palacio

Dr. Herminia Palacio, New York City's Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services, asked for PAGNY's support for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to transform New York City Health + Hospitals and the City's healthcare system, saying, "I am eager for PAGNY's continued leadership in our transformation efforts." "The challenge before us may seem daunting," she said. "But we know we are up to the task of meeting these challenges. And we... Read more...


Surgeon and Futurist Dr. Rafael Grossmann Calls Technology Essential for Healthcare in the 21st Century

Dr. Rafael Grossmann

Dr. Rafael Grossmann, FACS, Surgeon and Healthcare Futurist, told the PAGNY Board that utilizing technology—including telemedicine, virtual reality, holograms and wearable computer devices such as Google Glass—is essential to gain good health outcomes from patients in the 21st century and to train the doctors needed to care for those patients. Dr. Grossman was invited to address the retreat by Dr. Bijan Safai, President of... Read more...


Dr. Andrew Brotman, Chief Clinical Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center, Explains Financial Challenges Facing NYC Healthcare Systems

Dr. Andrew W. Brotman

Dr. Andrew W. Brotman, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Strategy and Chief Clinical Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center, talked to the PAGNY Board members about the many financial challenges facing healthcare systems today. He said “don’t be surprised” if the changes proposed by the Trump Administration would begin to see patients as “purchasers” of healthcare, as opposed to receivers of medical... Read more...



Dr. Nadia Duvilaire of NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan Travels to Haiti for Humanitarian Mission After Hurricane Matthew

Dr. Nadia Duvilaire

Dr. Nadia Duvilaire, the Chief of Family Medicine at NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan, took a week out of her busy schedule in October to go on an emergency humanitarian mission to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew caused widespread devastation to that Caribbean country. Dr. Duvilaire, a veteran of many foreign medical missions, was invited to Haiti by the National Organization for the Advancement of Haiti. She traveled with a group of 20 doctors...


Training, Research, & Education


Dr. DeVita Publishes Second Edition of "Textbook of Rapid Response Systems"

Dr. Michael DeVita

Dr. Michael DeVita, Director of Critical Care Services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, is publishing an updated edition of his textbook on rapid response systems. The book, "Textbook of Rapid Response Systems," explains how and why hospitals should create rapid response teams. "The book is how to do it," Dr. DeVita says. "Soup to nuts—why they should be put together, how to put them together and how to prove you're getting the results...



Grant Opportunities

New Research Grant Opportunities

PAGNY is committed to promoting scholarly activities and enhancing faculty participation in biomedical research. Here is a link to the website of the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration that lists upcoming grant opportunities. And here is a link to the Fiscal Year 2017 Grants Bulletin issued by the Bureau of Health Workforce.

Here are upcoming grant opportunities:

Application deadline: Jan. 5, 2017

Application deadline: Jan. 6, 2017

Application deadline: Jan. 9, 2017

Application deadline: Jan. 20, 2017

Application deadline: Jan. 25, 2017

Application deadline: Jan. 31, 2017

No Deadline Has Been Posted Yet.



Message from Jane D. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
PAGNY Chief Communications Officer

When the PAGNY Board of Directors decided that the theme of its Annual Retreat this fall would be "transformation," little did we realize how much change would be in the offing for the healthcare business.

But regardless of what the new federal administration may or may not do, the speakers at the retreat outlined some major changes that are already taking place in healthcare—how New York City is reorganizing healthcare, how technology is revolutionizing how we treat patients and how the financing of healthcare is becoming more challenging. These are all exciting and significant changes that PAGNY physicians and all of our health care providers embrace because we know they are committed to the highest quality of care for our patients and that is our bottom line.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to let us know about your programs, achievements and successes so we can include them in a future edition of The PAGNY Advance.

Click here to email us at: advance@pagny.org


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