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Dr. Vardanian Named Chair of Ambulatory Care Services at
Coney Island Hospital

Dr. Lana Vardanian

Dr. Lana Vardanian has been named Chair of the new Ambulatory Care Department at Coney Island Hospital. The appointment reflects the increasing importance of providing for the needs of patients in a more coordinated and comprehensive manner in the outpatient setting. "Ambulatory medicine's strength is not only managing acute medical problems, but giving patients a solid plan for a healthy future," Dr. Vardanian says. "That means managing not only illness but also a patient’s health and life in general." Coney Island Hospital's...




Jacobi Medical Center Verified as Level 1 Trauma Center

Dr. Sheldon Teperman

Jacobi Medical Center has been verified as a Level 1 Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. This distinguished achievement recognizes the trauma center's dedication to providing optimal care for injured patients. "This is important because it means that Jacobi meets the highest level of care,” said Dr. Sheldon Teperman, Jacobi’s Trauma Medical Director and Chairman of the NYC Health + Hospitals Trauma Council. “There is no higher standard of care for trauma. This is a very difficult standard to achieve."...


Training, Research, & Education


North Central Bronx Hospital Holds Second Annual
Resident Research Day

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Attending Resident Research Day (from left to right): Maureen Pode, Interim NCBH CEO; Dr. Jacinth Ruddock, Associate Program Director; Hilary Gooden, Director of Nursing; Michelle Figueroa - AED Finance Chief; Dr. Vimala Ramasamy, Director of Medicine; and Dr. Andrey Iliev, Associate Program Director

North Central Bronx Hospital's Department of Internal Medicine held its second annual Resident Research Day in May and gave out 1st prize awards to six teams of hospital residents for their research projects. "Though we are a small community hospital, we have complex and challenging cases that we can learn from," says Dr. Vimala Ramasamy, Director of Medicine at NCBH. "The challenging cases motivates us to go above and beyond what we routinely do for our patients. This was an opportunity to showcase cases that were challenging and how...



Grant Opportunities

New Research Grant Opportunities

PAGNY is committed to promoting scholarly activities and enhancing faculty participation in biomedical research. Here are new research grant opportunities for PAGNY professionals:

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August 19 Deadline

  • MCH Field-Initiated Innovative Research Studies
  • MCH Secondary Data Analysis Research (SDAR)


New Appointment


PAGNY is Pleased to Announce the Following Appointment:

Sandra Maldonado
Chief Affiliation Officer - Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital
Sandra Maldonado

PAGNY is pleased to announce that Sandra Maldonado has been appointed PAGNY's Chief Affiliation Officer for Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital. In that position, Ms. Maldonado will serve as PAGNY’s site leader at those two hospitals and oversee finance, human resources, payroll and compliance operations and the Physician Faculty Practice plan. Ms. Maldonado previously served as...


NYC H + H Announces Monitoring of the Transfer of Patient Medical Information to USB Devices


NYC Health + Hospitals announced last month that, as part of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Program, it now has the capability to monitor the downloading of electronic protected health information (ePHI) from the H + H database onto USB storage devices, including flash drives, thumb drives and portable hard drives. "Reminder: the use of USB devices to transmit ePHI is being monitored," the H + H notice says. "Staff will not be blocked from doing so, but they will be monitored in the background... When a user transfers a file that contains ePHI to a USB...



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